Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Today, we bring some very bad news. Five Kingdoms is shutting down for the foreseeable future.

This is due to a lack of sustainability for the server, we can’t afford to run it anymore due to lack of donations. It has been a difficult time recently, as we’ve been trying to launch mod packs which seem to appeal to the general Minecraft public, but time and again these packs have proved to fail or not be popular enough to sustain the running costs for this network.

The server has been running on a skeleton crew of staff. while this server is also expensive in the economical sense, it is also expensive in the sense of time needed to run it, and none of the Ops can truly afford to spend that precious time on the server anymore.

The last servers will be shutting down this Friday the 21st.

However, Discord is always going to be available, so feel free to join here  to keep in contact with people on the server and with the staff of 5K.

The server is shutting down soon, but we may end up trying to run it again at some point in the future, so make sure to join our Discord for updates if that ends up happening.

Through good times and bad, I feel comfortable saying that for everybody involved, it’s been one hell of an adventure and experience for us. Thank you for what you have made possible and thank you for being a good community, including the players we used to see around.

Thank you for reading, and good luck in the future.

The 5K OP team

NightRadz ive been apart of this community for years, my first adventures were back on tl where i met all of these amazing people....
alexkrainer I'm very sad to see this wonderful community come to an end and hope, that you guys will be online again at one poi...
TheTBird It's been great fun being part of 5 Kingdoms. As such most if not all human endeavors have a lifetime of their own...